Maua meat suppliers are the leading suppliers of freshly slaughtered goat and beef meat both boneless and carcasses across Kenya. We supply to various local markets with our main market in the Maua & Nairobi.  We are based in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi and Maua, Meru County . Our company slaughters in the main slaughter house located in Maua, Meru county.


50 cows and 150 sheep /goats per day.


LR 5975/Amwathi/Maua half a kilometer from Maua Township and 30 kilometers from Isiolo International Airport.

The abattoir is located on a five acre plot in Amwathi , Sub – Location and its accessible through a tarmac road leading to Meru Town Through Mikinduri and Kianjai.

Land size

The project is situated on a 5.7 acres piece of land suitable for this nature of industry with adequate supply of clean portable water.

Mission statement

To facilitate clean production and value addition to meat products for local and international markets.


  • To provide a modern meat slaughtering facility that meets category A requirements in the Slaughter House Categorization Regulations of Meat Control Act Cap 356 of Laws of Kenya details for local and export market.
  • To provide facilities for utilization and value addition of slaughter house by-products for local export markets.
  • To utilize slaughter house waste economically as a mitigation measure against environmental pollution.

Animal source

Cows, sheep, goats and camel for slaughter will be sourced from the livestock keeper’s farms in Igembe South Sub-County, Within Meru County neighboring Sub – Counties E.g Igembe North, Igembe Central, Garibatula and Isiolo besides Ranches in Laikipia County.

Opportunity rationale

There has been an increase in demand for meat in Meru County and its environs. This county has a total of 300 butcheries excluding those in the outlying suburbs and Meru is a fast growing county with a population of about 1,000,000 persons.

The slaughter house will serve this fast growing county population and possibly have extra supplies to Nairobi      and export to other parts of the world.

We can supply the following as per requirement and quantity:

  1. goat & beef boneless vacuumed both chilled and frozen.
  2. Lamp & Mutton.
  3. Beef, Goat & Mutton Carcasses.


  1. Stephen Gitonga Mbaabu
  2. Antony Munene Mbaabu
  3. Lewis Mbaabu


The main laws governing the industry and which will be adhered to are

  • Public health act ( cap 356)
  • Prevention and cruelty to animals act ( cap 360)
  • Meat control act ( cap 356)
  • NEMA
  • County government regulations and by laws
  • Religious certification.